Tired For Real

December 23. I'm 23 days in. Daily reflections aren't always easy. Tonight I'm wondering what I should focus on. There's so much I'm dealing with. It's the holiday season and it seems that it's this time of year that many loved ones have passed and I can't help but to think about them. It's the … Continue reading Tired For Real

Love Must Be Free

December 22. Two things I heard today that have no obvious connection but both are weighing on me so I will dive in today with these in mind. The first is the word somatic. Second is the phrase Love must be free. I've heard the word somatic many times but never really understood what it … Continue reading Love Must Be Free

December 19. And the battle rages. Today I read an aticle titled Healing Complex Trauma, Part II: The Path to Integration and something really hit home. It’s the point at which we realize this “part in exile” has been trying to get our attention, to elicit from us a response it never got from our … Continue reading