The Uncomfortable Call…

And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, There will be an answer; Let it be. For though they may be parted, There is still a chance that they will see. There will be an answer; Let it Be. Obviously from the Beatles’ Let It Be. The song was dedicated to the people … Continue reading The Uncomfortable Call…


You Brought This On Yourself.

I gotta forgive the person who's "not responsible" for my pain. I'm beginning to understand (reluctantly) that some people who hurt us are the same people who don't take responsibility for their own actions. It's always someone else's fault. "I wouldn't have done that if you didn't do this;" or "you brought this on yourself." … Continue reading You Brought This On Yourself.

What a profoundly disturbing statement to victims and survivors of abuse. It is a sad revelation to understand that the damage done to us rendered us silent and that same silence became the death of us. We began to die the moment the abuse started. We died some more with the threats against telling. We … Continue reading

Unhinged Madness

  There is found today An unhinged and open Madness. Celebrated by the masses As the epitome of achievement The American “dream” Sleeping. Stealing upon the classes Made by the unhinged Madness. Achievement in its glory Savoring the base and the gory The classless in their madness Seeking golds of gladness Happiness never found For … Continue reading Unhinged Madness

365 Days

Born of shame Born of pain Growing and burning Nothing to gain The words I speak Hot fury at its peak Running, hiding Feet hard on the concrete Never knowing Just going Misery flowing Ocean rising and growing Flowing over Torn asunder Crashing waves Lightning and thunder The storm never stops But the eye of … Continue reading 365 Days