Rights: Natural vs Legal

"Whereas unlawful combinations and conspiracies have long existed…for the purpose of depriving certain portions and classes of the people...of the rights, privileges, immunities, and protection[s]… and do oppose and obstruct the laws of the United States and their due execution…of justice… and…the constituted authorities...are unable to protect the people aforesaid…"

Justice, Equality and White Supremacy

On Facebook I have a diverse set of friends. Some are 45 supporters, some are Biden supporters, some are politically neutral (if that’s a thing). Still others are in the ‘all lives’ camp or the ‘blue lives’ camp. I don’t unfriend or block unless they cross some line I have yet to define…well anyone promoting … Continue reading Justice, Equality and White Supremacy

Be cause.

Because.Because you did.Because you will.Because you are.Because.You hid.You fulfill.You set the bar.BecauseSurvival isSurvival willSurvival drives the carBecause.You had and have the will. You owed nothing, but paid the bill. Anyway. And yet they'll sayBecause.And without pause.I say YES.