The Art of Expression


Art is expression
Art is defiance of oppression
Art has eyes of fire
Art reveals fears and desire
Art brings abundant light
Art brings the fight.
So I write.

Can you hear the message
In that visual collage
Do you see the scream
In that song written about a dream
Does the poetry of heartache
Make you stand and notice take
There are books speaking
To the tears the eye is leaking
There is music rhythmically running
To the sound of a heartbeat humming.
The painting strikes
The harmony spikes
The poetry writes
The story to its heights

As you ride the forms of art
That slow Sunday drive to start
You feel the coaster wave
And break free from your cave
Knowing now that only death is in the grave
Riding the art of the coaster wave
No fear of death nor even the grave
For the heart is freed
The growing of the art seed

It can’t be held or bound
The need for it seems unsound
And unsound it is
In the awakened heart of bliss
Beware of the hold lest you miss
The message screaming “who you wit?”
The heart, the eye of understanding art
Burst free with open eyes that finally see.