Drain the swamp-He meant what he said.

“The chant rang out and the peasants danced.” The 2019 Lobotero blog began.
This was in response to 45’s “Drain the swamp.”

The first time I heard 45 use the phrase, I was appalled. But I seemed to be the only one. Everyone took the phrase to mean that he was going to eliminate corruption in the federal government. Everyone, supporters and detractors alike said and still say that he was talking about corruption. I never believed that.

We’re all pretty aware that he didn’t eliminate, nor even attempt to get rid of corruption. In fact, most of us understand that he brought his own brand of corruption and the corrupt people with him. He has continually lied throughout his presidency. He’s incited division and pretty much dared anyone who opposes him. Time after time, he’s fired anyone who dared not agree with some policy or action. Those he’s fired and once called great he now calls names and degrades them as diminished people because they didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t live up to his standard of loyalty.

And in an appalling show of power, condemned by many military elites, he ordered peaceful protesters to be cleared out from around the White House. They were gassed and pelted. All for a photo op. At some point during the protests, he turned off the lights and hid in the White House bunker. After the protesters were cleared and he had his photo op, he put up a fence. Hundreds of protesters began hanging posters on the fence. These posters were all in support of Black Lives Matter. D.C. Mayor Bowser responded to this appalling act by painting Black Lives Matter in bold yellow block letters on the street leading to the White House and renaming the area where protesters were forcefully removed “Black Lives Matter” Square. And across America and the world, the protests in support of Black Lives Matter against police brutality continued.

But he said “Drain the swamp.” And everybody ignored the true meaning of his words.

And here we are 4 years later and he’s scheduled his first rally on June 19th, known as Juneteenth celebrating the freedom of slaves who’d been freed two years earlier by the Emancipation Proclamation but didn’t know, in Tulsa, OK, the city that is the site of the worst massacre of the Black community known as Black Wall Street.

“Drain the swamp” is about corruption though.  In his own words from 2018:

From the day I took the oath of office, I’ve been fighting to drain the swamp, and sometimes it may not look like it, but believe me, we are draining the swamp. And there are a lot of unhappy people. You can see that every day. All you have to do is turn on the news. Every time you see me hit, you know that I’m draining the swamp. And people don’t like it.

And as if holding a rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa, OK wasn’t enough, the NYT revealed that the site of the RNC convention, Jacksonville, FL is the site of what is known as “Ax Handle Saturday” “when a white mob organized by the Ku Klux Klan attacked mostly black civil rights protesters sitting at the city’s whites-only lunch counters. The attackers hid ax handles in the brush at Hemming Park…:”

Now I don’t know about you, but the man did not at any time mean to rid the government of corruption. He is the face of corruption. No, when trump said “drain the swamp” in 2016, he was talking about the Obamas. And in 2018 when he made the above statement, he meant Black people. And in 2020 he still means it. And no matter how you cut it, his brand of hate, his brand of supremacy is far more dangerous today than it’s ever been. The KKK terrorized Blacks for a century. They hid behind white hoods and rode in the night. Now we have one in the White House claiming to be a leader who will “drain the swamp.” His supporters know what he meant. I know what he meant. I’m wondering why nobody else seems to see it. The man said he was going to drain the swamp and in his white supremist thinking, Black people are the swamp.

And he’s trying to keep his promise. The ‘subtle’ threats aren’t so subtle anymore They never were really. They are blatant. Outlandishly blatant. But it’s their ‘subtlety’ that allows folk to turn a blind eye.

Black Lives Matter. Period. And the president of the United States is threatening all of them. But because he didn’t say “i will kill you” nobody wants to see or talk about the actual threat because “drain the swamp” meant corruption when he said it. “Yeah, well…”