Pressionistic Reality

The Pressions are a strange bunch
Showing face only in strife
There are four of them as such
Each attacking everyday life
Hidden in plain sight
Not spoken nor heard
But felt by millions
All across the earth.
That known but unknown
O-Pression’s blood brother
His protector, full grown.
The result of O and Re
Helpless she stands
Alone, unable to see.
The oldest brother, fully grown
Guiding and encouraging,
Threatening—No life in THAT unknown!
Together these four
Give birth to another
REBELLION, reality’s hellion
Standing, calling, where is MY brother?
As a parent of this child
Su-Pression must step in
For never shall a parent
Let the child win.
O and Re
Don’t ever show your face
No one can see you
‘Cause if they do, we will lose our place
Bring on our precious De
It’s his turn to stand strong
His complacency is in need
Supremacy guaranteed,
In this we can’t go wrong.

These Pressions, centuries old
Running deep, story untold
They yearn for recognition
For each has its own worth
Their greatness being found
In America, their country of birth.
Blind eyes have they not.
Havoc, division—that’s what’s sought
Their purpose so fulfilled,
Damn it, riot at will!