there’s a sadness that abounds.
it’s all around.
but there’s a vastness to the ocean.
makes me want to dive soul deep.
the open invitation contemplates the stagnation of the life we’re livin’.
taken for granted and given.
to whimsical fantasies that lie to us constantly.
but we succumb to them consistently,
never contemplating reality.
we live as if life is a given.
to financial success we are driven.
only to find in the back of our mind an ocean of waves of indecision.
Contemplate that in a vision.
and find yourself in derision.
of the you that you’ve become.
that you to whose passions you succumbed.
the passion of age.
the passion of rage.
that passion to be seen,
by any and every means.
there’s an ocean!
the waves already in motion.
not tidal,
nor homicidal.
just needing your attention for the recital.
no crashing.
no bashing.
no suddenness to behold.
the ocean of thought is a thing to behold.
see it.
feel it.
rest in it too.
for the ocean’s waves are that which makes you!