Hope Anyway

Hope. Such a strange word to me. On the occasion of a physical trauma response I distracted myself with a movie: Shawshank Redemption. The word ‘Hope’ struck me while watching. The first time hope showed up was after Andy spent 2 weeks in the hole for playing music over the PA system for all the … Continue reading Hope Anyway

Her I-Story

It is women's history month. This book is my history. I have made history by publishing my book. I am celebrating women's history month by celebrating ME! I survived. I was brave. I was courageous. I told the secret. I told the story of ME. I am proud of myself. I honor myself. I am … Continue reading Her I-Story

Spirit Reclamation

One week. Two funerals. Same Old Testament verse. Each hearing brought different feelings. The first time, for my Mother-in-Law, I appreciated the reading for her sake. The second…well that’s what’s got me writing. But it was the New Testament reading that prompted the different feelings. 2nd Corinthians 5:6 reads “Therefore we are always confident, knowing … Continue reading Spirit Reclamation

Capitali$t We Are Not

Capital. Capitalize. Capitalism. The Principle. Capital, no wait, Equity. That thing that brings Wealth. It’s face is never stealth. You. Me. We. Are capital-ized. Monetized. Consumerized. Demonized. For protesting. Succumbing to the test and Buying all the best brands Only a small stand Against the giant Capitalist hand. We are Capital. Capitalism is us. Our … Continue reading Capitali$t We Are Not