Tomorrow Will Come

December 30.

Two days til the new year, a new decade.

Newness. Tomorrow. The future. Is it an actual destination?


It will come. I may be here. I may not. I’ve operated on the possibility that I may not. And now I need to operate as if I may be here tomorrow. This is change. This is a dramatic shift in the entire paradigm of my life.

What. The. Fuck.

Paradigms change only when the evidence is conclusive enough to at least refute the truth of the paradigm. Scientifically speaking of course.

Scientific paradigm shifts aren’t easy and take an enormous amount of time and numerous minds to agree. Mine is one life, one mind and I have no one to convince but myself.

And I’m the only one who can make a pardigm shift in my life. And I’m taking responsibility for that.

I Am Now. And I will plan as if I’ll be here tomorrow. Tomorrow will come. I may not necessarily want to get there, but just in case I do, I need to prepare for that.

I believe I am ready now.