Experiencing the New

Newness. It has a smell As in a new car The leather. You can just tell. Newness. It is a place. Street names and buildings A neighbor. A new face. Newness. It’s all around Sometimes it even makes a sound. Newness to me Is always a feeling A “let’s wait and see.” With what am … Continue reading Experiencing the New

I Am Now

I can’t. My mind proclaims I’m scared My body remains Still In fear Words of forboding Dread lies near I’m safe My mouth shouts Out loud In the midst of the crowd Of fearful words Admonitions absurd In adulthood safety Round-about and hasty Never seeing Still unbelieving That I’m here I am now. But I … Continue reading I Am Now

I Cried

Had a serious flashback last night. Domestic violence on tv. Glass shattering, screaming, cursing. And there i was in the middle of it. Heart racing. Nowhere to go. I closed my eyes. I'm terrified. Frozen. But wait. No, i'm home. I'm safe. I'm actually crying. Sobbing. Can barely catch my breath. There's a lump in my … Continue reading I Cried