Save It

I told you my story. I told you the hidden me. I told you that I’m sorry That my life wasn’t meant to be. I told you it hurts. When you do and say and blurt The hurtful guilt trips That make me yell and do flips. You hear but you don’t On the surface … Continue reading Save It

I’m Trying To Reach You

There she stood In the doorway screaming Crying, frozen. Dreaming. I tried to reach her. To tell her she's safe. But she ran away Hiding her face. Standing against the back door The belt whistled and cracked I tried to reach her She couldn't see me from the back. Hands on the bar Holding tight, … Continue reading I’m Trying To Reach You

I Am “They”

  I’m an author Shouted I Smiling brightly I’m an author Smiling with glee Feeling gloriously Accomplished Almost as if I could see A future without the past Part of me knew this couldn’t last. But I pressed forward Feeling bold This feeling will never get old Holding tightly to the newness Of my courageous … Continue reading I Am “They”