At the Back of the Flash

106_4240At the back of the flash
Hell lies within
At the back of the flash
The bell tolls. Who wins?
Flashing to the back
Flashing presently back
At the back of the flash.
Body under attack.
Mind swoons
Thoughts boom
Fear looms
But the gloom
Of the dark
Of the flash of the back
Startles and sears
Though no one
Sees or hears
But there it is just the same
The flashing back
This ain’t no damn game.
Covering my face in shame
Unable to say even my name.
Who are you?
Goes the shout.
What do you want
You filthy lout?
The flash of the back
All fleshly
And unholy.
And flashing back
To them that sold me
Why do you shout?