Over-standing the Rage

All they see is the rage The belligerent yellings in the life of a sage To see past this stage Requires a humiliation battle gauge The rage unleashed Silence in retreat With the aching of the heart beat The painfulness of emotional retreat. All they see is the rage. The sadness of it is no … Continue reading Over-standing the Rage

For Us Who Know

It is the night before Christmas And all through the world People are crying and struggling As the anxiety unfurls In stocking feet on the couch without much care, Hoping it ends soon, looking ahead with a blank stare. No future to speak of, as the past dances in our head The visions of fury, … Continue reading For Us Who Know

365 Days

Born of shame Born of pain Growing and burning Nothing to gain The words I speak Hot fury at its peak Running, hiding Feet hard on the concrete Never knowing Just going Misery flowing Ocean rising and growing Flowing over Torn asunder Crashing waves Lightning and thunder The storm never stops But the eye of … Continue reading 365 Days