The page was blank The pen laid silent The page stayed blank Til the pen in hand went viral  No longer blank Not long without words No longer silent The pen & page merge  There is a beauty here A thought that comes to life There is a duty here Life bought with words that … Continue reading #WritingAboutWriting

An Open Letter to Robert Mueller

Mr. Mueller, I know that you’re a thorough man and need to have all your ducks in a row before making moves. I do understand, but somehow, this cannot wait much longer. You see, Wilbur Ross is our Commerce Secretary. He was Vice-Chair of the Bank of Cypress and partnered with Viktor Vekselberg who is … Continue reading An Open Letter to Robert Mueller

A Money Tale

2004, trump purchases Palm Beach property for $41 million. Gives it a paint job and minor touch ups. 2005, Bill Browder’s Russian offices raided. Company docs stolen. 2005, Paul Manafort signs $10 million contract with Oleg Deripaska, Russian oligarch 2005, Prevazon Holdings is incorporated. Owner, Denis Katsyv; Lawyer is Natalia Veselnitskaya, both Russians 2006, Russian … Continue reading A Money Tale