Wakandan Freedom #InWakanda

There is much ado about Black Panther. The #InWakanda hashtag is a world of dreams that we’ve only spoken of among friends. As I read through the hashtags, there was one that pointed out that #InWakanda was from an African-American perspective and while I wholeheartedly agreed, the sentiment was meant to let us know that #InWakanda might … Continue reading Wakandan Freedom #InWakanda


It was the end of 11th grade in 1985 and Mom said “get a job.” To say I was unmotivated would be an understatement. I was 17 years old and had a whole summer ahead of me. A job meant responsibility and I wanted no part of that. But at the time, I hung out … Continue reading #IWorkedAtTheAnthonyWayneMovieTheater