A Girl Named Savvy….

She ran through the darkness. Fear gripping her heart. Tears streaming Thoughts screaming She knew this was not her part. Running blind A clock chimed A voice called out A sudden shout Savvy, the voice called Savvy, you will be lost There’s nothing where you’re going You don’t know the cost.  Savvy, my child Only … Continue reading A Girl Named Savvy….

The Penis and the Bullet: Death and The Life of it

Incestral rape; Goes unreported Keep it in the family; The saying purported Rape by a known subject; Friend, says he You and me; Situation circumspect Shot dead; No arrest Resistance the cause Shot dead; No pause Stereotype,Big, black Violence the nature Never mind that I hate you Raped. Shot. Death results. Raped. Shot. Dead. The … Continue reading The Penis and the Bullet: Death and The Life of it


Usher givin' folk herpes Kaep can't get signed R. Kelley got a harem Black men still die. North Korea testin' missiles... 45 threatens attack Mexico ain't paying Bloodshed is still Black Russian interference Special Counsel investigates White house people fired Blacks dying reiterates Sessions calls for drug war Opiate epidemic finds compassion Affirmative Action becomes … Continue reading Unjustice

Code Word “Adoption”

Let’s talk about conspiracy. What I call the Magnitsky Act conspiracy. (http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/11/politics/donald-trump-jr-full-emails/index.html) On behalf of Hermitage Capital Management and William Browder, Attorney Sergei Magnitsky uncovered a $230 million tax fraud scheme in Russia in 2007. Magnitsky and Browder revealed their findings to the proper Russian authorities. In 2008, Magnitsky was arrested by the very officials … Continue reading Code Word “Adoption”