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Welcome to In Rogue!

Here on my blog, I go by my social media name Tsuhai Nzinga. At In Rogue, you will find my thoughts and opinions on a range of subjects, from the political to the personal.

As this world turns, the news cycle moves at lightning speed and sometimes it’s hard to keep up or make sense of it. My goal here at In Rogue is to offer the historical perspective of today’s political climate. One such post, “The Jefferson Effect,” is part of this effort.

 Also at In Rogue, you will find promos for my memoir and updates about my journey to #EndTheSilence. As I grow and learn through the process of healing, I hope to share insights on what I’ve learned that will help others on their journey to #EndTheSilence. “Better Not Never Tell” is part of this series.

 Please check out these and other posts.

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